Why choose Ideal GQ40 rebar cutter

the GQ40 series rebar cutter is widely used in construction site for cutting cold and hot rebar,it is suitable for round bar,deformed bar,flat bar and square bar,Ideal GQ40 bar cutter is made of copper motor and forging gears,the superior material and high-tech design make Ideal rebar cutter has 2 years warranty

why choose Ideal rebar cutter?please see the real reason of following:

1)Low noise:Ideal GQ40 rebar cutter adopt Slant teeth shaft and gear,so the noise can be reduced effectively
2)Long life:Ideal GQ40 rebar cutter is made of ductile iron case,alloy tool steel gear and blades.
3)Widely cutting range:Ideal GQ40 rebar cutter is installed heavy flywheels and cap,so it can cut 40mm steel bar

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